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  7. Conclusion

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- [Sarita Salunke] Now, I come to my conclusions slide, where I was want to reiterate that what this method, the Thomas-Stieber method this is not only a Thomas-Steiber uproot, it's also a consistent uproot, where were we have used areas other data information to integrate and strengthen our calibrations and, hence our results. I've provided in this presentation, an example of a deep water Where the timbers on the scale of half an inch and we successfully valued those using the Thomas-Stieber technique. The results of the evaluation are shown to be consistent with core. And, they were also compared to conventional petrophysical analysis in the There has been a considerable enhancement in our estimation of hydrocarbons in place using this technique. And, we have shown those in the table here. Where you can see a enhancement and also we are showing the Core, Thomas-Stieber and conventional.