Naturally Fractured Reservoir Recognition & Characterization: Fluid Flow


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Ready to take a deep dive into naturally fractured reservoirs? In this extensive lecture series, Dr. Wayne Narr will not only cover the basics of NFRs, but he will take you around the world to analyze a diverse array of reservoirs in order to better understand and identify them. This series also covers several technical aspects of NFRs, including: the geology of NFRs, fracture characterization, fluid flow in fractures, prediction, modeling, and reservoir management.

This series is designed for both geologists and reservoir engineers.

This is the 5th course for this series. Understanding the basic principles of fluid flow in fractures is critical to understanding NFR behavior, and we discuss those principles here. Listed below are the 11 courses in this series. You can pick anyone to start, but our suggested learning path is:

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Wayne Narr, PhD
Wayne Narr, PhD

Wayne Narr is a structural geologist with interest in characterization and modeling of naturally fractured reservoirs. He held the title of Senior Research Consultant for Chevron Energy Technology Company where he worked for 27 years on an array of international projects that included reservoir structural geology studies, consulting, technology development, training, and exploration. Prior to this he worked 8 years for Gulf Oil where his work included both R&D and exploration.

Wayne has worked extensively with reservoir engineers as well as geologists, with the goal of integrating engineering and geological data to improve understanding of naturally fractured reservoirs, often culminating in construction of fracture models for flow simulation. His work has included studies and synthesis of reservoir data as well as outcrop analogs. The reservoirs he has studied include naturally fractured carbonates and clastic rock, and both conventional and unconventional reservoirs as well as geothermal reservoirs.

Wayne currently teaches courses on naturally fractured reservoirs, leads field trips, and consults. He has written research articles on NFRs as well as co-authored a book. In 2008 he was honored to be an SPE Distinguished Lecturer, in which he traveled the world to talk about naturally fractured reservoirs. Wayne holds a Ph.D. in Structural Geology from Princeton University, an M.Sc. in Structural Geology from University of Toronto, and a B.S. in Geology from Pennsylvania State University.