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Ali Jaffri, PhD
Ali Jaffri, PhD

Dr. Ali Jaffri is the founder of Applied Stratigraphix LLC, has a doctorate in geology, and specializes in sequence stratigraphy. Between consulting projects, full-time positions and internships he has worked on the North Sea, Norwegian Sea, Barents Sea, West and East Africa, Lower Indus Basin, the Pricaspian Basin, Taranaki Basin and several US onshore Basins. Unlike most sedimentologists and stratigraphers Dr. Jaffri is equally proficient in carbonates and siliciclastics.

His doctorate at Colorado State University focused on sequence stratigraphy of mixed carbonate-siliciclastic-evaporite systems. Doctoral work was supplemented with projects with ExxonMobil Research Labs, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, Delta Petroleum, and Brigham Oil and Gas. Masters Degree was acquired from Oklahoma State University and the thesis focused on mechanical stratigraphy of a fractured carbonate reservoir. Bachelors from the University of Colorado at Boulder involved fieldwork on fluvial stratigraphy.

He has trained over 500 oil and gas professionals from 21 companies in 7 different countries.

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  How to Describe and Interpret Sandstone Reservoirs in Core?
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