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AAPG E-Symposium Series. This course covers advances in geothermal energy, integration with petroleum operations, and lessons learned in recent cases. Geothermal resources are being used in oil and gas operations in several ways:

geothermally-driven pumps

geothermal energy production via injection into abandoned wells

geothermal resources used in conjunction with steam-flood and enhanced oil recovery

Advances in geothermal energy are occurring due to a blend of:

better understanding of geology and basin temperature dynamics

improved technology

Several recent ventures provide insight into new opportunities and applications:

Case study: Coproduction of Geothermal Power from Oil and Gas Fields in California

Steamflood Performance in a Giant Oilfield: Kern River Field, California

Low-temperature geothermal energy from oil fields (Rocky Mountain Testing Center / DOE) -- The power system being used is a commercial standard design Ormat Organic Rankine Cycle power plant. The binary power unit uses hot water from a producing oil well as the heating fluid for a heat exchanger.

Shale gas with high bottom-hole temperatures: Marcellus shale; Haynesville shale.

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Your Instructor

Michael Sullivan & Dina L. Lopez
Michael Sullivan & Dina L. Lopez

Dina L. Lopez, Ph.D, is currently an associate professor at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, USA. Her research interests include the geochemistry and hydrogeology of geothermal systems, including diffuse soil degassing and heat flow studies. Areas of research are located in Central America (Costa Rica and El Salvador), and in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain. Dr. Lopez is also interested in environmental problems associated to mining and resource exploitation. Within Ohio, she investigates the chemistry, fluid flow, and mass transfer associated with acid mine drainage from coal mines.