Geomodeling for Development and Production Geology


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AAPG E-Symposium Series. This course highlights methodologies for managing the wide range of input data used in geomodelling, and approaches to building fit for purpose 3D geological models. It shows how to design modelling schemes, identify uncertainties and how to apply results to real life field development. Field examples are utilized and theory is kept to a minimum. Process charts and checklists shared in the course will be an ‘after course’ resource and reference especially for model framing, uncertainty handling and designing “fit for purpose model” workflows. This course is designed to provide participants with information not normally provided in routine geological model training courses.

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Your Instructor

Terngu Utim, AAPG
Terngu Utim, AAPG

Terngu Y. Utim, is the Principal Consultant at XPSG LLC, a full service geosciences, field development and knowledge management consulting group based in Houston. He previously held technical and leadership positions at Nexen, Shell, Roxar-Emerson, Corelab and Biogeochem Associates. Since joining the oil and gas industry in 1998 he has worked as a Core analyst, exploration and appraisal geologist, and as production geologist in the Gulf of Mexico, West Africa, Caribbean and Onshore USA. He has taught over 18 runs of geomodeling courses and built 3D models for reservoirs in every stage of field life for Sandstone and Carbonate environments. During his career he has worked as lead or member in many teams to maximize asset value through effective subsurface integration. He holds a B.S in Geology from the University of Jos and an M.S in Petroleum Geoscience from Royal Holloway College – University of London. He is a member of SPE, AAPG and HGS.