Facies Prediction from Pre-Stack Seismic Data Using Geological Knowledge


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Predictions of lithofacies from seismic data has in the past been a two-step process conducted with limited geological input. Firstly, seismic data is inverted to the elastic properties that are most likely to have produced the recorded seismic signal. Subsequently, reservoir properties or lithofacies are estimated from the elastic properties. This two-step approach has some drawbacks, including the inability to honour prior geological knowledge, due to the point wise nature of the approach, and the difficulty in propagating uncertainty into the result. We can overcome these weaknesses and include more geological input by framing the inversion as a Bayesian inference problem.

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Christian Proud, PESA
Christian Proud, PESA

Christian obtained a Bachelor of Science (Geophysics) with first-class honours from Curtin University. He has been working as a Senior Geophysicist at Qeye and has been involved in a variety of quantitative interpretation studies including probabilistic, multicomponent, 3D and 4D simultaneous AVO inversions within Australia, New Zealand, West Africa and Malaysia.

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