Multicomponent Seismic Stratigraphy


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2009 SEG Honorary Lecturer.

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Bob A. Hardage, SEG-HL
Bob A. Hardage, SEG-HL

Bob A. Hardage is Senior Research Scientist at the Bureau of Economic Geology (BEG) and founder and Principal Investigator of the Exploration Geophysics Laboratory (EGL). EGL focuses on the development and application of multicomponent seismic technology. Before moving to the Bureau in 1991, Bob was Exploration Manager for Asia/South America at Phillips Petroleum Company and Vice President of Marketing and Geophysical Development at Western Atlas. He has written three books on seismic topics, published numerous papers in technical journals, and teaches short courses and workshops at several venues each year. He is a past editor of Geophysics and presently writes the monthly Geophysical Corner article for the AAPG Explorer magazine. Hardage currently serves as first vice president on the SEG's Executive Committee.