Bauer Walkaway Vertical Seismic Profile Project: Reducing Depth Uncertainty with Distributed Acoustic Sensing


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Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) provides an unrivalled ability to extend the coverage of Vertical Seismic Profile (VSP) surveys such as Walkaways, Offset VSPs or 3D VSPs, away from the wellbore. In addition to the increased coverage, DAS technology has the ability to significantly reduce acquisition time, whilst keeping the number of tools downhole to a minimum. This presentation shows an example of a field-scale borehole seismic survey acquired in the Bauer field in 2019. The survey comprised nine Walkaway VSP lines, four Rig Source VSPs and an Offset VSP. Both conventional accelerometer and DAS data were acquired and a direct comparison between the results has been made. It shows that the Walkaway DAS VSP dataset successfully increased the coverage away from the wellbore by a factor of two. The derived DAS images were also shown to tie with subsequent drilling, reducing the uncertainty in the interpretation and improving understanding of the geologic structure.

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Konstantin Galybin, PhD, PESA
Konstantin Galybin, PhD, PESA

Dr. Galybin has 14 years of experience in the international oil and gas industry. He is a senior geophysicist and borehole seismic team leader for Schlumberger Australia. After completing a PhD in Mathematical Geophysics from the University of Western Australia, he joined Schlumberger in 2006 and has since then participated in acquisition of numerous wireline VSPs and microseismic jobs in Australia. In 2013 he became the team leader in the Digital Subsurface Solution segment of Schlumberger and focused on VSP survey design, processing and interpretation. His main interests are: seismic anisotropy and imaging, distributed acoustic sensing, interbed multiples analysis, VSP inversion, microseismic and induced seismicity monitoring.