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The motivation for this series of lectures is to increase awareness of the value of petroleum geochemistry to the business. Petroleum geochemistry is often overlooked and the main reason is that professionals and managers are not always well aware of what type of questions geochemistry could address at different stages of petroleum play and asset development and what is the value it could bring. The target audience for this series of lectures is non-specialist geochemists, including geoscientists, engineers, managers and younger professionals.

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The 2 Main Questions Addressed by Exploration Geochemistry

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Ellie Chuparova, PhD
Ellie Chuparova, PhD

Ellie Chuparova is a geoscientist with over 20 years global industry experience and 30 years professional experience in petroleum geochemistry and geology. Most recently, she worked for over five years with the Bakken multi-disciplinary team at Hess Corporation as Senior Geochemical Advisor. Prior to that, Ellie worked as a Senior Geochemist for over 10 years with Shell Technology Exploration & Production Company on a variety of global projects utilizing both exploration and reservoir geochemistry techniques, as well as for oil companies like Mobil, ARCO, and Bulgarian Research Institute. She started her career as exploration geologist in sedimentology and litho-facies analysis and later on expanded her skills to petroleum system analysis, geochemistry and fluid phase behavior. Her major strength is in multi-disciplinary integration of petroleum geochemistry, geology and engineering for problem solving applications in exploration, appraisal, development and production of conventional and unconventional plays and assets, clastic and carbonate environments, onshore and offshore.

Ellie has strong research and innovation background applied for deployment of new technology tools and methodologies and has published a number of papers in peer reviewed journals, chaired technical sessions and presented at professional international conferences. She received the 2014 AAPG (American Association of Petroleum Geologists) President's Certificate for Excellence and a Mentor Recognition Reward from Hess Corporation. Ellie worked as a post-doctoral research scientist at Brookhaven National Laboratory, Long Island, (NY, USA). She holds a PhD in Geology from University of Oklahoma in Norman (OK, USA), MSc in Geology from Shimane University, Matsue (Japan) and BS&MSc in Geological Engineering from University of Mining and Geology, Sofia (Bulgaria).

Currently, Ellie is a Principal Consultant with EC Petroleum Geochemistry Consulting, LLC.

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